Third Annual

Immigrant Youth Empowerment Conference

at Vassar College

April 5, 2024 •  9AM – 2PM  •  Vassar College

"Immigration, Education, and Hope"

The theme of our third annual conference will explore the relationship between immigration, education, and hope. We must maintain hope, and part of the process of maintaining hope is acknowledging that we are not alone as migrants and in our pursuit of education. In a nation with compulsory education, the U.S. must continue opening its doors to immigrants and its children because they are part of our community, families, and society. Throughout history, U.S. schools have been places of opportunity, indoctrination, liberation, and assimilation for various groups including immigrant students. The struggle and the hope for an education itself is one that has not been limited to K-12 schooling (e.g. Plyler v. Doe) but has also included access to higher education (e.g. “state DREAM acts”). This conference will center the importance of schools and education to the lives of immigrant populations in the U.S. What is the role (or should be the role) of the schools when considering immigrant populations? How has immigration and immigrant students shaped schools, and how have schools shaped immigration and immigrant students? And how do immigrants and their allies manifest hope in the fight for immigrant rights? These essential questions will be the focus of our Third Annual Immigrant Youth Empowerment Conference (IYEC) at Vassar College.

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