Empowering Chicano/Latino Students


Grounded in Chicano thought, CORE creates opportunities and change to empower Chicano/Latino students.

Founded in 2004 by former MEChA students, CORE has been dedicated to understanding and elevating the challenges and pride of the Chicano/Latino community, particularly in educational environments. We unapologetically work to uplift Chicano/Latino, immigrant, and undocumented students through our programs and resources, as part of the decades-long movement for Chicano solidarity and empowerment.

"Que Llueva Café" Scholarship

The “Que Llueva Café” Scholarship supports college-bound undocumented students continue on their academic paths. Our scholarship was established as a direct response to what is an unfair immigration system that continues to deprive aspiring new scholars from continuing their education in the only country they have ever known.

¡Ójala que llueva café!